Here you’ll find my musings on crafting, and things handmade… places and travel…. and design.  I’m a mom, with grown kids.  I’m also a grandmother, to a beautiful and brilliant granddaughter, that I’ll refer to as “Bug” on my post.  I live in Florida with my wonderful husband, I’ll refer to as “PC” – my prince charming, and my personal computer wizard.

I’ve been a Montessori Teacher for most of my working career.  I recently changed directions and began working as a newborn photographer.  Currently, I’m taking a year off, and enjoying it!  However, I still love the Montessori philosophy on education, design and life.  In fact, designing Montessori home environments for children has recently become one of my favorite pastimes – along with photography, practicing yoga, walking on the beach and creating.

Why I blog:

While I’m figuring out what being semi-retired is all about, I decided to create a blog, after being so inspired by the other fantastically creative blogs out there.  I now have time to do things like sewing, which actually is something I haven’t done for over 20 years – when I was in my thirties (yikes!).  I love the process of learning, creating and sharing.  I also enjoy the sense of community I’ve begun to feel with my blogging family.

One last note on the name of my blog, pringle potamus:  The first part was a family name my dad gave me when I was a child.  The second part was something my younger sister graciously added…ha…I decided to bring it back, and go with it for my blog name.  Maybe because it represented my first project – the knitted knotted baby hat, or maybe because it was a good reminder of my dad’s memory.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!


6 responses to “ABOUT ME

  1. Very interesting blog site. I just signed up for your RSS feed and look forward to lots of interesting posts.

  2. Pringle,
    I have been following your work for years now and am so happy you have a blog presence. I look forward to more of your words of wisdom and creative masterpieces.

  3. Love the photos, the name and the look of your handcrafted items! I was looking for where to buy! Ever think about selling your stuff?

    • Thanks for the nice comment Amy. I was thinking about selling baby hats, burp cloths and tutu’s – but still need to set up an official shop on my site. However, if you are interested, please email me and convey your interest and I would be happy to work directly with you.

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